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How Do I Set Up Shark Ion Robot With Google Home? (Correct answer)

To set up your robot with the Google Assistant on Android:

  1. Download, open, and sign into the Google Assistant.
  2. Click the “Explore” icon.
  3. Search for the “Shark” action and select “Link”.
  4. Sign into your SharkClean account.
  5. Congratulations!

Does Shark ion robot work with Google home?

Shark | Google Assistant. Connect to your Shark ION ROBOT™ from anywhere using the Shark app. Now, Shark works with Google Assistant giving you voice control to start and stop cleaning, find your robot, and more.

How do I add RoboVac to Google home?

Open the Google Home app. Say “OK Google, talk to RoboVac” to the Google Assistant-enabled device (i.e. Google Home) to initiate the Google action for RoboVac. Follow the instructions in the Google Home app to authorize Google Assistant with your eufyHome account.

How do I enable personal results on Google Home app?

Here’s how you can turn on your personal results using the Google Home app for Android.

  1. Open your Google Home app.
  2. Tap the home icon.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Choose Google Assistant > Personal results.
  5. Select Turn on personal results in this home.

How do you start a shark vacuum?

Plug the cord into an outlet, and the indicator light on the dock will turn green. Place the robot 2 feet away from the dock, then press the Dock button on the robot. Docked and Charging: Battery and Base indicator lights will turn blue. Charging is complete: on the robot will illuminate steadily in blue.

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How do I set up EUFY with Google home?

Setup the Eufy Security camera and make sure they’re working fine on the App. 2. In the Google Assistant app, go to Settings – Services – Home Control – Add your smart home devices. Find “Eufy Security” and authorize your Eufy Security account with your Google account.

How does RoboVac find home?

Sensors located on or near the vacuum’s shock-absorbing bumpers allow it to steer through these obstructions without getting slowed down. When the bumper impacts an object, the sensor is triggered and the robot vacuum knows to turn and move away until it finds a clear path.

Does Roomba i7 work with Google home?

Most modern Roomba models can connect to Google Home and Google Assistant. Roomba e5, e6 89x, 69x, 67x, Roomba 96x, 98x, Roomba i7, s9, and Braava jet m6 are such models. Furthermore, along with English, all these models support a handful of other languages as well.

Can you control Roomba with Google home?

Google Assistant connects to all of your iRobot® devices giving you hands-free control for vacuuming and mopping. Google Home now supports additional voice features such as Announcements and Voice Alerts which can be set up through the Google Home app.

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