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How Does Robot Work Nuclear Throne? (Perfect answer)

When Robot eats a regular weapon it generates ammo or health equal to one Mini Ammo Chest or Mini Medkit pickup. If Robot eats a Golden Weapon it gains ammo and/or health of an amount equal to four mini pickups. Eating a Cursed Weapon will generate one mini pickup and cause Robot to take 7 damage which can be lethal.

How does chicken Work nuclear throne?

Chicken can throw her primary weapon which deals damage to a single target on contact. The amount of damage depends on Chicken’s radiation level and increases as she levels up. On level 1 a thrown weapon will deal 24 damage. Each level up increases that by 2, reaching 42 damage on level 10 (Level Ultra).

Is fish good nuclear throne?

Fish is a versatile mutant that uses his high mobility and ammo income to outrun and outgun enemies. Because of his ability to dodge enemy fire or quickly hide behind cover and his significantly increased ammo income, Fish can be recommended for beginners.

How do you revive in nuclear throne?

In the new system, you have to give up half your health to revive your partner. When said partner comes back, they have no ammo and they have no guns, so they just walk around mostly useless even if they manage to pick up their old guns again.

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How do I get rogue nuclear throne?

Unlock Method Rogue is unlocked by defeating The Nuclear Throne and sitting on it.

How do you unlock B skins in nuclear throne?

B-skin unlock: Push through the game and defeat the Nuclear Throne in less than 10 minutes.

How do I unlock melting?

Unlocked by defeating the Nuclear Throne as Melting without choosing Rhino Skin or Strong Spirit. Melting is a high risk/high reward character.

How many levels are in Nuclear Throne?

Nuclear Throne takes you through a series of areas. The way you progress through the areas is linear, you start in a normal world which is three levels long, at the last level the area boss will spawn then you enter a transition area which is only one level but the level itself is larger.

How do you unlock horror?

To unlock Horror you have to skip a Radiation Canister and on the next area skip a Big Radiation Canister. Horror will spawn as a mindless enemy breaking out of a canister in the level after skipping the Big Radiation Canister. Defeating the Hostile Horror in battle unlocks it as a playable character.

What is the story of nuclear throne?

Young mutants are told the legend of the Nuclear Throne, that the throne is somewhere in the wasteland, and that only the best deserve to sit upon it. When the mutants become adults, they begin sitting around the campfire, and one at a time, they start their journey to the Nuclear Throne.

How do you unlock a rebel?

Rebel is unlocked by defeating the Throne II boss and looping back to the Desert.

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What does throne butt do?

Throne Butt Upgrades your character’s special ability.

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