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How Does The Litter Robot Work Come Apart For Cleaning? (Solution)

The unit automatically pours down all the used litter into the waste drawer by pushing the “Empty” button located in the middle of the three big buttons on the control panel. This way the dirty litter will get together with the clumps that the machine has collected to that point.

Why self cleaning litter boxes are bad?

We don’t recommend buying an automatic litter box because, generally, they’re expensive, they’re loud, their scoops can get gunky or clogged, some models take 30 minutes to 1 hour to scoop, the litter beds are tiny, and the sensors don’t work for cats that weigh less than 5 pounds.

How often do you clean Litter-Robot?

We recommend emptying and cleaning the inside of the globe every one to three months. Learn how to clean your Litter-Robot: 1. Press the Empty button to cycle the globe clockwise, which will allow the litter to fall through the waste port and into the drawer for easy disposal.

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Why is my Litter-Robot blinking red?

Litter-Robot flashing red light A flashing red light indicates that the cat sensor has been activated continuously for 2 minutes or more by either too much weight in the unit or your cat not leaving the unit. Make sure your cat has left the unit, then check for excess weight, such as too much litter or waste.

Can I put my Litter-Robot on carpet?

Placing the Litter-Robot on deep carpet may affect the sensitivity of the unit. Do not put anything in the Globe other than clumping cat litter. You can use water and soap to clean the Globe. Do not sit on, or place anything on the Litter-Robot.

How can I make my Litter-Robot smell better?

Extra tips to keep the Litter Robot odor controlled

  1. You can place small bags of natural Zeolite on the waste drawer, under the liner.
  2. Get lavender scented 13 gal kitchen bags to line the waste drawer.
  3. You can also use baking soda to absorb bad odor moisture.

How do you know when to empty the Litter-Robot?

About once every month or so (depending on how frequently the unit is used), give your Litter-Robot a wipe down. A couple times per year, give it a more thorough cleaning. First, empty all of the litter from the Globe by pressing the Empty button.

How often do you change filter on Litter-Robot?

We recommend that you change the carbon filters every three to four months depending on how frequently your Litter-Robot gets used. This is really up to personal preference. If you are noticing a stronger odor coming from the unit, it may be time to change the carbon filter.

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Why does my Litter-Robot keep saying its full when its not?

Debris may cause the DFI to indicate a full drawer regardless of the waste in the drawer. Once you are done cleaning your unit, let it dry fully and then reassemble it. If it is not dry, the litter will clump prematurely and may get clogged in the ports or litter pocket.

How often do you need to replace cat litter?

Twice a week is a general guideline for replacing clay litter, but depending on your circumstances, you may need to replace it every other day or only once a week. If you clean the litter box daily, you might only need to change clumping litter every two to three weeks.

How does the Litter Robot handle diarrhea?

The scenario is even worse if your cat has periods of diarrhea. The exception to this is the Litter Robot that through its rotating mechanism is able to slide the soft clump into the waste drawer. The only issue would be to have some feces traces around the globe that you will need to clean.

Can you use any litter with Litter Robot?

No, the Litter-Robot simply requires clumping litter. We recommend a high-quality, clay-based clumping litter. Some silica gel litter beads and crystals can also be used with the Litter-Robot, as long as they pass through the screen.

Will a cat automatically use a litter box?

Many cats and kittens will instinctively use a litter box without needing to be taught, because of their instincts to expel bodily waste in dirt or sand. Therefore, with a new kitten, owners usually need to simply show the kitten where the litter box is located, and how to get in and out.

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