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How Old Is The Main Character In My Life As A Teen Robot? (Perfect answer)

Jennifer “Jenny” Wakeman (XJ-9) (voiced by ) is the main protagonist and the “teenage robot” to which the title refers, a state-of-the-art automaton created by Dr. Norene Wakeman five years prior to the series, though she was designed as a 16-year-old girl.

How old is xj9?

Jennifer “Jenny (XJ-9)” Wakeman (voiced by Janice Kawaye) is the robot child of Nora Wakeman. She is the also the main protagonist and the ” 16-year-old robot” to which the title refers, a state-of-the-art gynoid automaton created by Dr.

How old is Jenny My Life as a teenage robot?

Jenny was designed as a teenager of about 16 years of age (in design and mentality), but it was 5 years since she had been created, prior to the events of “I Was a Preschool Dropout”.

How old is the robot from teenage robot?

The series follows the adventures of a 17-year-old girl robot called XJ-9, who was created by her mom Dr. Nora Wakeman and designed to protect Earth, but really wants to do teenage stuff and not save the world.

Does Jenny have a crush on Brad?

Jenny. Brad and Jenny met in the pilot It Came From Next Door. Brad and Jenny have a close friendship and spend a lot of time hanging out together, as well as occasionally teaming up to fight off villains. Neither of the two display any romantic feelings for each other.

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Where is XJ9 now?

Now, “XJ9” is stepping in as the jungle coach for Supa Hot Crew.

Who is Jenny Wakeman’s boyfriend?

Jenny’s got a new boyfriend, a rather cute boy robot named Kenny, YK-9. Despite having been made by Dr. Wakeman’s rival, Dr. Mogg, Kenny seems to be the perfect match for the young teenage robot girl.

What show is xj9 from?

Set in the fictional town of Tremorton, the series follows the adventures of a robot girl named XJ-9, or Jenny, as she prefers to be called, who attempts to juggle her duties of protecting Earth while trying to live a normal human life as a teenager.

Who is the main antagonist in My Life as a Teenage Robot?

Vexus (formerly known as Queen Vexus) is the main antagonist of the Nickelodeon animated series My Life as a Teenage Robot, serving as the main antagonist of Season 1 and 2, and a minor antagonist in Season 3. She is the former queen of The Cluster and the archenemy of XJ-9/Jenny Wakeman.

Will My Life as a Teenage Robot come back?

The show was picked up for a 4th season, and it will start production and post-production on January 20, 2020. The show will premiere on Nickelodeon on March 10, 2021.

When Did My Life as a Teenage Robot end?

Tiff is shown to be shorter than Brit, and heavier-set, with a lighter skintone. Like her cousin, she has black hair and eyes, and she normally wears her hair in pigtails with purple hair clips, and a magenta cat-eared hat. She appears to wear mascara and makeup, and has three earrings on each ear.

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Who voiced XJ 9?

She can travel to the Moon in about 5 seconds, meaning she can travel at 1/4 the speed of light.

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