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How To Defeat Sleeping Robot Spongbob Battle For Bikini? (Solution)

A safe way to defeat a Sleepy-Time is to hit it from behind from a distance with SpongeBob’s Bubble Bowl technique, but it must be out of the Sleepy-Time’s light field or it will push the Bubble Bowl away. Another way is to sneak up on it from behind and attack it from there.

How do you beat Robo Patrick?

Simply swing around on the lasso points, or hop from platform to platform until Patrick does his spinning move. Once he’s on the ground you’ll have to act fast and lasso float over to him to hit him in the back, avoiding the green goop along the way. Do this three times and you’re on to the last round.

How do you get the robots out of the Krusty Krab?

To clear the Krusty Krab of its Robot infestation, you’ll need to destroy the D1000 here that spawns in Chuck Robots and a new Robot type, the Bzzt-Bot. Bzzt-Bots are similar to Fodder Robots, except they attack with a gamma-ray beam with very long range.

How do you beat Robot Sandy in SpongeBob rehydrated?

Simply keep out of her way and you’ll avoid her hit. After that, she’ll jump high into the air and land right on her butt. When she’s stunned, you’ll want to use your stomp button and her head will go flying into the scoreboard, electrocuting her. Do this two more times and you’ve successfully made it to round two.

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How do cruise ships get bubbles?

The Cruise Bubble ability is obtained after defeating the Robot Patrick boss. After the fight, you’ll see Bubble Buddy standing by the road. Speak to him and he’ll teach you how to use it. To use the ability, press L2/LT/LZ.

How do you stun robots as Patrick PS4?

To do it, you jump up into the air and press circle if you’re on PS4 (B on Xbox One or A on Switch) to slam back down on the ground. Sometimes, rather than defeating the robot, Patrick will stun them with the move, seeing them lie on the ground without moving.

How do you get the spatula on top of the chum bucket?

For the seventh Spatula, check the right side of the Chum Bucket to see three Buttons going up the wall. Stand outside the theatre and fire Cruise Bubbles to hit the Buttons: once all three are hit, a Springboard will appear below them. Bounce up with it to the roof of the Chum Bucket to find the Spatula!

How do you beat the robot in SpongeBob?

Simply jump two to the right or two to the left to avoid the words knocking you off. Everything else will be the same as it was before. Hit a few buttons, smash Plankton. Continue this way until you’ve hit all of Spongebob’s buttons and then you’ll head inside of the robot.

How do you make a bubble bowl?

Press and hold the Bubble-Bash button while on the ground and SpongeBob will wind up a throw: the longer the button is held down, the faster it’ll travel! Practice aiming with the bowling pin aimer on the line of Wooden Tikis behind Bubble Buddy.

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