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How To Make Someone Sound Like A Robot In Premier? (Question)

Apply the Flanger audio effect to any audio clip to transform a normal human voice into a grating robot voice.

How to Convert a Voice to a Robot Voice in Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. Open the Premiere project that you want to apply the robot voice to.
  2. Click the Effects tab and expand the Audio Effects sub-menu.

How do you use subharmonic?

Slide the tone up and then down to the lowest note you can sing. Slide the note slightly a half-note up and then bring your singing voice all the way down to the lowest note you can comfortably sing. Sustain the lowest note you can without your voice cracking or popping.

Does Premiere Pro have voice changer?

To load the newly installed Voice Changer plug-in within Adobe Premiere, you can follow the steps below: 1) Open a new project in Adobe Premiere Pro, go to Preferences > Audio. 3) On the Audio Plug-in Manager window you have to select the VST plug-in folder.

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