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How To Use Uptime Robot? (TOP 5 Tips)

Uptime Robot free plan allows you to monitor up to 50 sites. Click Add New Monitor on the top left corner. Enter all necessary details, such as Monitor types, Name, website URL, Monitoring Interval, and also select the alert contacts to notify the website’s status.

How do you use uptime Robot with discord bot?

1 Answer

  1. Have the bot’s code on glitch.
  2. Click ‘Add new monitor’
  3. Click ‘Monitor Type’ and select http(s)
  4. Go back to your glitch project, open it in a new window and copy the URL.
  5. Go to Uptime Robot again and paste the URL where it asks you to.
  6. Select an email for Uptime Robot to notify.

How does uptime monitoring work?

At its most basic, a system’s uptime is simply the total time minus the downtime, but most monitoring services provide this information as a percentage. This calculation provides the actual availability for a system and doesn’t consider any other factors such as performance and function.

What is uptime robot used for?

Uptime Robot is a free tool used to monitor websites. It monitors your websites every 5 minutes and alerts you if your sites are down.

How do you host a glitch?

Step by step Directions:

  1. Make a type command.
  2. Put this code in:;
  3. Make a Stop Typing command so you can stop it for whatever reason.
  4. Put this code in the stop typing command:;
  5. I suggest you join this “typing server” I made so you have a place to do it.
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How do you keep discord Bot 24 7?

The solution to your problem is the Cloud. Cloud is just a remote computer which runs your bot 24/7. There are tons of services available for remote hosting. I will advise you to use heroku because it’s free and when you get some experience in cloud hosting, you can buy better dedicated VPS by spending some money.

How do you host a bot?

Step 1: Create a Bot User

  1. a) Sign into your discord account on and create a new application here.
  2. b) Next save your bot’s token for later use:
  3. c) The last thing we need from this portal is your bot’s invite URL.
  4. a) Create a new JavaScript repl.
  5. If you look to the left, a file called package.

What’s a good uptime?

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft’s set their cloud SLAs at 99.9%. The industry generally recognizes this as very reliable uptime. A step above, 99.99%, or “four nines,” as is considered excellent uptime. But four nines uptime is still 52 minutes of downtime per year.

How can I monitor my website performance?

10 Website Performance Indicators You Should Monitor

  1. Uptime. Uptime is without doubt the single most important performance indicator of your website.
  2. Time To First Byte (TTFB)
  3. Full Page Load Time.
  4. Broken Links.
  5. User Journey.
  6. Database Performance.
  7. Geographic Performance.
  8. Your Web Servers’ Hardware.

How do I monitor a web application?

The best way to do application availability monitoring is with a simple HTTP ping monitor that runs every minute. For example, we use this at Stackify to monitor our various web applications and marketing websites. We can monitor the response time and ensure that they are responding with an HTTP status code of 200.

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Where is Uptime Robot hosted?

The main monitoring location is in Dallas-USA and there are other nodes in other countries/continents to verify down statuses.

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