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Lost In Space What Is The Robot?

The Robinsons Robot is just one of many war machines created by an extinct extraterrestrial race. Though Robot befriends Will Robinson and ultimately the rest of his family, his robotic peers remain hellbent on destroying the human colonists of Alpha Centauri for stealing their interstellar travel technology.1

What did the Robot say in Lost in Space?

So, did Lost in Space say the solution to the robot “war” is simply to say “ all you need is love/trust.” 2

Where did the Robot come from in Lost in Space?

The question of who built the alien robots has loomed over Lost in Space since the first season in 2018. Now, in Season 3, that is answered: an extinct race of aliens, who essentially looked like organic versions of the four-armed robots like SAR and Scarecrow, created the robots. 3

What do the robots want with Will Robinson?

In reality, he just wanted to be more like his new hero, little Will Robinson. “Part of the original idea was that the Robot was going to bond with Will and he was going to transform his body so that he was a human approximation of Will Robinson,” Burk Sharpless says. 1

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Who did the Robot voice in Lost in Space?

The Robot was performed by Bob May in a prop costume built by Bob Stewart. The voice was primarily dubbed by Dick Tufeld, who was also the series’ narrator, and Jorge Arvizu for the Spanish dubbing.

Does the robot survive the fall in Lost in Space?

Meanwhile, his wife Maureen and daughters Judy and Penny also arrived and it was Maureen who had the pleasure of knocking out Hastings with a shock prod. They freed the Robot, though Penny worried they might be too late.

Does Dr Smith get control of the robot?

Judy and Maureen make it back to the Robinsons’ ship, the Jupiter 2, but with some unwelcome interlopers: Dr. Smith and the Robot she now controls. Smith, who is running the show with her powerful Robot, reluctantly allows Maureen to do so.

What robot said Danger Will Robinson?

If you remember the show, the Space Family Robinson had a robot named Robbie who would warn the family of impending danger. The young son (space cadet) was named Will and it seemed he was always in danger from alien beings or creepy-crawly space animals.

Who is June Harris in Lost in Space?

“Lost in Space” Severed (TV Episode 2019) – Parker Posey as June Harris, Dr. Smith – IMDb.

Why did will make the Robot walk off the cliff?

Smith devises a scheme to gain control of Robot, which will serve as her defender. It’s an intricate long con that requires her to manipulate more than a few colonists, and forcing Will into a position where he orders Robot to walk off a cliff, for the safety of his family and the colonists.

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