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The.Simpsons Episode Where They Get A Robot In The House That Controls Everything? (TOP 5 Tips)

Treehouse of Horror XII

“Treehouse of Horror XII
The Simpsons episode
Episode no. Season 13 Episode 1
Directed by Jim Reardon
Written by Joel H. Cohen John Frink Don Payne Carolyn Omine


What episode does Homer build a robot?

“I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot”, also known as “I, D’oh-Bot”, is the ninth episode of the fifteenth season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 11, 2004.

What is the saddest episode of The Simpsons?

The Simpsons’ 15 Saddest Moments, Ranked

  1. 1 Homer Looks Up At The Stars After His Mom Leaves.
  2. 2 “Do It For Her”
  3. 3 Homer Listens To The Bible On Tape.
  4. 4 “You Are Lisa Simpson”
  5. 5 Bart Fails His Test Again.
  6. 6 Homer’s Speech At Lisa’s Wedding.
  7. 7 “Happy Birthday Lisa”
  8. 8 Lisa Gets A Note From Smart Homer.

What episode of The Simpsons does Bart get replaced by a robot?

In the sixteenth annual Treehouse of Horror, the Simpsons replace Bart with a robot son after Bart falls into a coma, Homer and various other male characters find themselves on a reality show where Mr.

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What’s the funniest Simpsons episode?

The Simpsons: Homer’s 15 Funniest Episodes, Ranked

  1. 1 Last Exit To Springfield (Season 4, Episode 17)
  2. 2 Mr.
  3. 3 Homer At The Bat (Season 3, Episode 17)
  4. 4 Homer Loves Flanders (Season 5, Episode 16)
  5. 5 King-Size Homer (Season 7, Episode 7)
  6. 6 Homer Goes To College (Season 5, Episode 3)
  7. 7 Homer The Great (Season 6, Episode 12)

What is the best Simpsons episode ever?

The 15 Best Episodes Of The Simpsons Ever, Ranked

  1. 1 Marge Vs The Monorail.
  2. 2 You Only Move Twice (Season 8, Episode 2)
  3. 3 Cape Feare.
  4. 4 Lemon Of Troy.
  5. 5 Homer’s Enemy (Season 8, Episode 23)
  6. 6 Last Exit To Springfield (Season 4, Episode 17)
  7. 7 Homer At the Bat.
  8. 8 22 Short Films About Springfield (Season 7, Episode 21)

What’s the best episode of The Simpsons?

Here they are then, the top 50 episodes of The Simpsons.

  • Deep Space Homer (S5)
  • El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage Of Homer) (S8)
  • Homer’s Phobia (S8)
  • Homer The Heretic (S4)
  • The Itchy And Scratchy And Poochy Show (S8)
  • Homer The Great (S6)
  • Bart After Dark (S8)
  • King Size Homer (S7)

What is the most watched episode of The Simpsons?

It remains the highest rated episode in the history of The Simpsons. “Bart Gets an ‘F'” received positive reviews from television critics. Entertainment Weekly ranked it 31st on its 1999 list of “The 100 Greatest Moments in Television”.

What are the aliens in Simpsons?

Kang and Kodos Johnson are a duo of fictional recurring characters in the animated television series The Simpsons. Kang is voiced by Harry Shearer and Kodos by Dan Castellaneta. They are green, octopus-like aliens from the fictional planet Rigel VII and appear almost exclusively in the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes.

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What is the best Treehouse of Horror episode?

13 Great Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Halloween Stories

  • Starship Poopers (Treehouse Of Horror IX)
  • Clown Without Pity (Treehouse Of Horror III)
  • King Homer (Treehouse Of Horror III)
  • The Shinning (Treehouse Of Horror V)
  • The Raven (The Simpsons’ Halloween Special)
  • A Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace (Treehouse Of Horror VI)

Was Pierce Brosnan in The Simpsons?

Pierce Brendan Brosnan, OBE (born May 16, 1953) is an Irish-American actor, environmentalist, and film producer. He voiced the Ultrahouse 3000’s “Pierce Brosnan” voice option and himself in the season 13 episode “Treehouse of Horror XII”.

Is Ned Flanders the Devil?

The devil, revealed to be Ned Flanders, appears and offers Homer a contract to seal the deal. However, before Homer finishes the donut, he realizes that Ned will not be able to have his soul if he does not eat all of the donut and keeps the final piece in the refrigerator.

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