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To The Robot, What Is Your Prime Directive? (Correct answer)

A prime directive was, according to the Fourth Doctor, “the first program that’s laid into any robot’s brain.” (TV: The Robots of Death) It was usually their main function. It was usually programmed, or intended, that the machine couldn’t deviate from its prime directive.

What exactly is the prime directive?

Within the Star Trek universe, the Prime Directive is a crucial regulation that is binding on Starfleet personnel. The Prime Directive (officially Starfleet Order 1) is a prohibition on interference with the other cultures and civilizations representatives of Starfleet encounter in their exploration of the universe.

How many times has the Prime Directive been broken?

33 times.

Is the prime directive ethical?

The Prime Directive, the guiding rule of the Federation in the Star Trek universe, is one of the most famous ethical rules in all of science fiction.

When did Starfleet adopt the prime directive?

Background. The Last Unicorn RPG module: All Our Yesterdays: The Time Travel Sourcebook gives the Federation’s adoption of the Prime Directive as occurring in the year 2220.

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Is the prime directive wrong?

As a guiding principle, the Prime Directive seems good—one society interfering with and imposing its will upon another is generally bad. But the Prime Directive cannot be treated as an absolute rule. There are some exceptions where interference is warranted.

Did Sisko break the prime directive?

Unfortunately, deceit and murder turned out to be the only way to get them on-side. Granted, the Romulans were not a pre-warp society, but Sisko’s tricking them into a protracted and bloody war that ran against their natural development remains the worst violation of the Prime Directive to date.

What is the point of the Prime Directive?

The Prime Directive prohibits Starfleet personnel and spacecraft from interfering in the normal development of any society, and mandates that any Starfleet vessel or crew member is expendable to prevent violation of this rule.

Which captain breaks the Prime Directive the most?

So, here goes:

  • Picard (65%)
  • Janeway (21%)
  • Sisko (6%)
  • Kirk (5%) Archer (3%) Red Alert! Beam in the latest Star Trek updates! Email. Here’s what some of your fellow fans had to say in our comments section.

When was the prime directive first mentioned?

The Temporal Prime Directive is only mentioned by name in Star Trek: Voyager. It is first mentioned by name in “Future’s End, Part II”, when Captain Braxton cites it as his reason for refusing Janeway’s request to return Voyager to 24th century Earth.

What is General Order 4 in Star Trek?

General Order 4: Said to be the only death penalty left on the books.

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In what ways is the prime directive a categorical imperative?

As a form of deontological ethics, the Prime Directive makes itself a universal maxim, as confirmed by the Categorical Imperative, which states that a Starfleet officer should never interfere with another culture, regardless of circumstances.

What happened to the Kelpiens?

Over 60% of the Kelpien population underwent vahar’ai, breaking the concept of the Great Balance.

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