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What Cartoon Network Cancelled Robot Jones? (Correct answer)

Despite the Robot Jones pilot coming in second to the Grim & Evil short, Robot Jones was greenlit for its own series, which premiered on July 19, 2002.

Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?
Original network Cartoon Network
Picture format NTSC
Audio format Stereo
Original release June 16, 2000 – November 14, 2003


Why did Robot Jones get Cancelled?

The series began to see a lack of support from network executives, a re-cast for the voice of Robot Jones (originally voiced by Macintalk Junior) and frequent time slot changes that caused Greg Miller to step away from the show. Ultimately, the series was cancelled during its second season.

Why did Flapjack get Cancelled?

Cartoon Network’s reasoning for canceling the show was because Flapjack didn’t match with its new lineup of shows for a young male-targeted demographic. The inspiration from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack was obvious within the world of cartoon animated shows for the next 10 years.

Why was chowder Cancelled?

Cancellation. Chowder was canceled by Cartoon Network in August 2009, as the network felt the show did not fit its new demographic of older boys, favoring shows such as the live-action Destroy, Build, Destroy instead.

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Why was regular show Cancelled?

The main reason the show was canceled is because of its ratings. Season six’s ratings were okay as it was getting average views, but when season 7 was released the ratings just dropped by almost half and they didn’t seem to be increasing any time soon and they had no choice but to pull the plug.

Why Billy and Mandy was Cancelled?

The characters were whacky in a good way and the humor was clever. So, when it came to cancelling this creative cartoon, the reason was unfortunately sad. The show did not fit with the older boys’ demographic.

What is Candy wife?

Candy Wife is a supporting character in the series, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. She is Peppermint Larry’s wife, and is made of candy (hence her name).

Is Courage the Cowardly Dog Banned?

These were the probable conditions why the show was banned. Many episodes were deeply censored and it was not feasible to broadcast it. The things showed in Courage the Cowardly Dog may not be scary for teenagers and adults, but it can be very scary for young children.

Why did adventure time get Cancelled?

Chief content officer Rob Sorcher told the Los Angeles Times of the network’s decision to end the series, saying: Adventure Time was playing less and less on Cartoon Network, yet we were moving towards a large volume of episodes.

What animal is Mung Daal?

Mung is an elderly blue humanoid who wears glasses. He has a white mustache (which he says is his most prized possession alongside Truffles), a long neck, large ears, and a massive nose.

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What is schnitzel saying?

Shnitzel says only “Radda,” which is often translated “Okay.” Shnitzel’s unintelligible way of speaking is spoofed when he reads a board game card that actually reads “Radda Radda Radda.”

Why did they cancel Uncle Grandpa?

Why the Show Ended Large episode orders being split across multiple seasons for animated series is not a trend isolated to Cartoon Network, but rather a way to save on the logistical costs of contract renewal and ensuring a series has enough episodes to reach lucrative syndication markets.

Is Candied Island real?

Stormalong rests directly atop the ruins of Candied Island. Which is why nobody ever finds it! Jossed, in the episode Over the Moon it’s shown that Candied Island is real.

Is Captain K nuckles human?

Captain K’nuckles is a human who uses fake “whiskers,” which causes his entire head to appear blue, as seen in “Beard Buddies.” He also has scars and numerous tattoos, as evidenced when he is seen shirtless. He is 5’3″.

Did Flapjack have an ending?

Instead of turning into fish, K’nuckles and Flapjack become real people. The series ends with K’ nuckles and Flapjack on top of Bubbie, who now has a human face due to having eaten too much candy while they were gone, sailing into the sunset in search of a new home.

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