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What Do I Give Robot Rick? (Correct answer)

Robot Rick can be found standing near the crafting station at the Citadel closest to the Shop. To ‘recharge’ him, the player may give him a Supercharged Battery or a Microverse Battery. Once Robot Rick is functioning properly again, he will reward the player with a Level Up Mega Seed.

What do you give Dandy Rick for his flying car?

After winning 16 badges Dandy Rick will ask you for more fuel for his car. You need to craft and give him a Dark Matter Ball to help him out. You can look up the crafting recipes for a Dark Matter Ball here. It requires that you craft a Dark Energy Ball first.

What do you give Jerry on Rick and Morty?

Jerry will give you a Mr. Meeseeks Box in return for helping him. Jerry is also your first side mission of the game. To complete The Broken Rickmote side quest you need to give Jerry a regular battery.

How do you help doofus Rick in pocket Mortys?

After winning 29 badges Doofus Rick will ask you the help him prove he is not a doofus. You can craft and give him a IQ Enhancing Helmet to complete the Ricktelligence Quotient side quest and receive a reward.

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What do you give Robot Rick hardware corrupt?

Robot Rick has blown out his battery while trying to upgrade his software. You can help him recharge by giving him a Supercharged Battery.

What do you give for Flargo?

After winning 20 badges Flargo will ask you to help him escape his clone by manipulating time. You need to craft and give him a Time Crystal to receive his reward. Crafting a Time Crystal requires that you first craft a Purified Fleeb and a Dark Energy Ball.

What does four eye Rick want?

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: A Matter Of Rick Or Death Talk to Four Eye Rick, who is desperate need of a Dark Energy Ball. After you craft and hand over the dangerous item, you’ll get a cache of rewards including a Fleeb, Battery, Turbulent Juice Tube, and a Bacteria Cell.

What does mascot Morty give?

I remember when my Rick used to take me to Blips And Chitz. We would spend hours on this Rick, you’ve been so kind. I’ll keep my word.

What does doofus Rick want the second time?

Quest Giver Wanders? Doofus Rick wants to improve his IQ to become better at Morty battling.

Is Morty slow?

And on plenty of other shows, that would be Morty forever. He would always be the “slow” one under the thrall of his Grandfather. Over the course of the series, he has slowly evolved into the voice of reason. He develops his own morality separate from Rick’s.

What does Flargo want the second time?

After winning 27 badges Flargo’s clone will ask to give him an item to stabilize time. You can craft and give him a Time Stabilising Collar to finish the side quest Rick Around the Clock. Flargo will give you a reward for helping him the original Flargo who stole all his Shmeckles.

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How do you upgrade egg Morty?

The egg will hatch into The One True Morty when it reaches level 20. The egg begins at level 5 and has no attacks, so it is hard to train. The quickest way to hatch the egg is to use as many Level Up Mega Seeds as possible (make sure you save 1 seed to level him up to level 20 so he’ll hatch).

What is the best Morty in pocket Mortys?

Forbidden Morty is hands-down the best debuffer in the game, mainly because of his excellent moveset. Only one other Morty can give you an Attack Debuff, Accuracy Debuff, Defense Debuff, and Paralyze Debuff in the their 4 allotted attack slots, which makes him an invaluable “Swiss Army Knife” for raids.

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