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What Does The Japanese Robot In Fallout 4 Say? (Question)

Takahashi’s only greeting is subtitled as “Nan-ni shimasho-ka?” in the English version.

Can you fix Takahashi?

So, according to experiments and gameplay so far, no he cannot be fixed.

Does Takahashi speak English?

For Takahashi, the native language of his closest teammates, the ones he has spent the most time with during games, is not English, but Spanish. “He can really speak some Spanish,” said Pedro Feliciano, a reliever from Puerto Rico.

What is the robot called in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 introduces a companion named Codsworth, a robot butler who, among other talents, can say a whole bunch of names. According to Bethesda, more than 1,000 names were read by voice actor Stephen Russell — but is your handle one of the lucky ones?

What is Takeshi saying?

Takahashi’s only greeting is subtitled as ” Nan-ni shimasho-ka? ” in the English version.

What does Takahashi mean in English?

Takahashi Name Meaning Japanese: variously written, usually with characters meaning ‘ high bridge ‘, it is one of the ten most common surnames and is particularly frequent in eastern Japan.

Is ran Takahashi half white?

Biography. Ran has some American ancestry through his grandfather and his mother is half Japanese, half German. He also has some British ancestry.

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How high can ran Takahashi jump?

Boasting his height of 188 cm and his highest vertical jump of 343 cm, Ran was on the starting lineup in high school since his first year, and as an ace of his team by the third year, he led his team to the Top 4 of the Inter-High School Sports Festival.

What funny names can Codsworth say?

A Comprehensive List of Easter Eggs and References

  • Asimov. If you’d play with then name of the famous Russian-American science fiction author, then Fallout 4 is more than glad to cater to your needs.
  • Bogdanove. Another voiced name taken directly from real life.
  • Bond.
  • Bruckheimer.
  • Buffy.
  • Everdeen.
  • Furiosa.
  • Grognak.

What does Liberty Prime say?

” Freedom is the sovereign right of every American.” “Embrace democracy, or you will be eradicated.”

What does nani ni Shimasu ka?

何をしますか?(nani wo shimasu ka?) Is a direct question to the listener. Translates to ” What will you do? “. 何しましょうか?(nani shimashou ka?)

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