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What Is The Best Robot In War Robots? (Perfect answer)

War Robots: 10 Best Robots, Ranked

  • 8 Pursuer.
  • 7 Rhino.
  • 6 Ares.
  • 5 Nightingale.
  • 4 Scorpion.
  • 3 Typhon.
  • 2 Invader.
  • 1 Behemoth. The Behemoth is without a doubt the biggest force to be reckoned with in War Robots, perhaps even being among the best robots in video games.

What is the most powerful robot in war robots?

Spectre, Nemesis, Blitz, Mender, Ares, Ao Jun are the most powerful, but are exorbitant! Spark, Halo, Shredder, Scourge, Viper, Glory, Exodus, Corona, Pulsar, Redeemer. Ember is powerful but still, too expensive. Vortex is also viable if you have at least 2 on a same robot.

What is the fastest robot in war robots?

The Stalker was once the fastest robot in the game at 66 km/h. New robots with lower speed with abilities that are able to increase speed, or bots with equal speed, such as the Pursuer, have surpassed the Stalker. The Russian War Robots community dubbed the Stalker as a “Rat”, due to its shape and sneaky behavior.

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What is the best robot for beginners in war robots?

Patton becomes available it is a good choice for your first Medium Robot as it uses 4 light weapons and you should already have a couple partially upgraded on your Destrier. The Patton has low amounts of health but makes up with huge amounts of firepower.

What happened to razor from Robot Wars?

Razer returned to action for the 2016 revival of Robot Wars, but was knocked out in the first round after being dragged into the pit by Kill-E Crank-E while attempting to push it in, immobilising both.

How do you get the Titan robot in war robots?

Obtaining. Once a user reaches Level 25 As of 2020, they will receive their first Titan. A Kid will appear in their hangar, in the Titan slot behind their main robots.

What does mk2 mean in war robots?

Author – War Robots.

Is scorpion a good robot in war robots?

The Scorpion is intended to quickly ambush and eliminate enemies and is thus best suited for weapons with high burst Damage Per Second (DPS) in a short amount of time, such as the Cryo and Rime setups, Orkan and Pinata, Storm and Gust, and Havoc and Scatter.

Is Falcon good war robots?

The Falcon excels in one-on-one battles since it absorbs massive amounts of damage (60% defense resistance essentially doubles its current health), so carefully choose when to activate the ability. One heavy weapon can deal significant damage, particuarly against robots with low durability.

What is the slowest robot in war robots?

The Schutze is tied with the Destrier for being the slowest light robot in the game.

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Is Bolt good war robots?

The Bolt is a decent beacon capper and a moderate threat only in the lower leagues. When transitioning into the middle leagues, it is outclassed by the more durable Kumiho and later the Strider.

What are titans in war robots?

Titans are a new type of robots that you can deploy once per battle. They are bigger and more powerful than regular robots — you can use them as a strong tactical asset — an “Ultimate ability” of sorts. Titans unlock at account level 30.

What is the current meta in war robots?

To explain the bot rankings, here is the criteria for rating each bot. Shell is the current META and are extremely hard to counter when fighting for beacons due to the shields that wrap around the entire bot and its blast ability.

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