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What Is The Name Of The Robot That Has A Bad Motivator? (Correct answer)

The story behind R5-D4, the infamous droid with the bad motivator in A New Hope, proves once and for all he is the real hero of the Rebel Alliance.

What droid has a bad motivator?

Of course, “Skippy the Jedi Droid ” is much more of a parody comic than anything else, but the end result is still the same as the official, Disney-approved story: R5-D4 caused his malfunction with his motivator intentionally so that R2 could succeed in his mission and helped save the galaxy as a result.

What is a droid motivator?

A motivator or a motivator unit was a device that was primarily used in droids to convert other forms of energy such as chemical or electrical energy into kinetic or mechanical energy. Without a motivator a droid would not be able to move.

What does a Jawa?

Jawas are meter-tall humanoids completely hidden behind rough, hand-woven robes. Their faces are concealed within the dark folds of a cowl, from which peer their sickly glowing yellow eyes. They comb the deserts of Tatooine in search of discarded scrap and wayward mechanicals.

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Are Jawas bad?

As colonists settled Tatooine, the Jawas were not as hostile towards them as the Sand people were. Sometimes, Jawas would steal things that caught their eye, leading to settlers to regard them as untrustworthy.

Who is the red droid in Star Wars?

R5-D4, also called “Red” by Luke Skywalker, was a red and white-striped R5 astromech droid owned by a group of Jawas on Tatooine in the early days of the Galactic Civil War.

Who was Wedge Antilles droid?

R5-G8, nicknamed Arfive, was the astromech droid of Rebel Alliance pilot Wedge Antilles. R5-G8 had developed numerous personality quirks, including communicating in a way that Antilles described as “screeching” and the insistence to cite regulations.

What is Obi Wan’s Droid?

R4-P17 was an astromech droid assigned to Obi-Wan Kenobi, and assisted the Jedi Master on many missions, from Kamino and Geonosis to Teth and Tatooine.

What movie is r2q5?

R2-Q5 is an unlockable minikit character in the GBA release of Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, but only the GBA version. In LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, R2-Q5 can be unlocked for purchase by entering the code “EVILR2”, but he also becomes available after completing every level in the game.

What do astromech droids do?

Astromech droids are a series of versatile utility robots generally used for the maintenance and repair of starships and related technology. These small droids are often equipped with a variety of tool-tipped appendages that are stowed in recessed compartments.

What race is Yoda?

Language. The Jedi Master Yoda was the best-known member of a species whose true name is not recorded. Known in some sources simply as Yoda’s species, this species of small carnivorous humanoids produced several well-known members of the Jedi Order during the time of the Galactic Republic.

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Who killed Anakin’s mom?

Shmi surrendered her son to the Jedi Order, putting him on a path to become one of the greatest Jedi. Her death at the hands of Tusken Raiders became a critical step on Anakin’s journey to the dark side.

How do you say hello in Jawa?

M’um m’aloo Greetings, Hello. Nekkel juuvar obwegadada Jawa curse. Neng ooka Yesterday. Nufuzu Below.

Does Earth exist in Star Wars?

While it doesn’t play a major part in the Star Wars universe, Earth has appeared in canon and non-canon material. So, the answer is “no status.” Since Star Wars takes place in a different galaxy, and humans had no space travel long, long ago Earth does not exist in Star Wars canon.

What is under a Tusken Raider mask?

Biology and appearance Also, the Jedi Knight Sharad Hett won a place in their tribes through his great combat prowess. Anakin Skywalker recognized immediately that the unmasked A’Sharad Hett was not genetically a Tusken Raider; this indicates that he was familiar with the appearance of Tuskens under their masks.

What planet is Luke Skywalker from?

After Padmé Amidala’s death, Obi-Wan Kenobi took the newborn Luke Skywalker to the Lars farm on Tatooine, where Owen and Beru agreed to raise the boy. Obi-Wan then began years of exile on the desert planet, watching over Anakin’s son as he grew up.

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