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What Is The Robot In Robocop Named? (Solution found)

ED-209. The Enforcement Droid, Series 209, or ED-209, were a fully-automated series of peacekeeping machines created by Omni Consumer Products.

What does ED-209 say?

ED-209: [menacingly] Please put down your weapon. You have twenty seconds to comply.

Is RoboCop a cyborg or robot?

Robocop is made from a human combined with steel and electronics, making him a very human-like cyborg. He has super-human strength and abilities but a limited memory.

How much does the ED-209 cost?

A ten-foot-tall prop of the executive-gunning ED-209 is now available for purchase on eBay for the low, low price of $25,000.

What are Robocops powers?

Abilities. Cybernetically enhanced strength: RoboCop’s bionic/cybernetic replacements give him a vast amount of strength, much stronger than humans. Armored durability: RoboCop’s cyborg replacements are made with a high tech armor that is resistant up to. 50 caliber, but vulnerable to anything above.

What car is the 6000 SUX?

The 6000 SUX appeared in the first film only, and it was never made clear (for obvious legal reasons) which Detroit automaker was responsible for this fictional monstrosity. The car itself was a heavily modified Oldsmobile Cutlass from 1976. The 1994 TV series had cameos from a number of goofy vehicles.

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Is ED-209 a cyborg?

Appearances. The Enforcement Droid Series 209, or ED-209 (pronounced Ed Two Oh Nine), is a heavily armed robot.

Does RoboCop have a human brain?

The only human body parts that remain of Alex Murphy — the man who becomes RoboCop — are the brain and spinal cord of his central nervous system, two lungs, one arm, his face and most of his head. To function, neural implants are inserted into his brain.

Is RoboCop’s gun real?

RoboCop’s Auto 9 The Auto-9 is actually a Beretta 93R machine pistol that has been heavily modified. The 93R itself is a full-auto capable version of the Beretta 92FS that was produced in the 1970s for military and police use.

What was cut from RoboCop?

The scene where Boddicker shoots Morton’s legs is reduced (only one shot is left intact). 11. The shooting in the drug factory is heavily shortened; every shot of Robocop shooting thugs has been deleted.

Is RoboCop a villain?

Clarence Boddicker bragging about how powerful he is. Clarence Boddicker is the central antagonist of the 1987 sci-fi film RoboCop. He is a nefarious and homicidal gang lord who also works for OCP senior vice president Dick Jones as his personal contract killer.

What color is ED-209?

After its scuffle with RoboCop, Dick Jones took the opportunity to give the ED-209 project the green light, with RoboCop seemingly gone.

Who is the villain in RoboCop 2?

Cain is the main antagonist in the 1990 film RoboCop 2. He is a drug-addicted criminal who serves as the leader of the Nuke Cult.

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How much did the RoboCop suit weigh?

The suit used in RoboCop:prime Directives weighed anywhere from 55-65 pounds. The original RoboSuit was a bit heavier, but was eventually lightened to its present weight. The RoboCable suit weighed in at about forty pounds. Altogether, seven complete robosuits were manufactured for the first RoboCop movie.

How did RoboCop lose his body?

Clarence then began to torture Murphy for fun, shooting off his right hand, then leaving him to the tender mercy of his boys. Emil subsequently shot the remainder of his right arm off, then the gang opened fire in unison, peppering his body from head to foot, dropping him to his knees in terrible anguish.

What color is RoboCop?

RoboCop was never so silver in color as Hot Toys has done. He was a more grayish blue tinge.

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