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What Robot Was In Alaska? (Perfect answer)

A gangly eight-legged robot called Dante II is preparing to descend into the dark interior of an active Alaskan volcano in an effort to extend the reach of humans into places too dangerous for them to go.

What robot was successfully descended into Mount Spurr in Alaska?

During a dramatic, week-and-a-half-long odyssey earlier this month, Dante II descended more than 660 feet into Mount Spurr in Alaska, explored a fumarole (gas vent) field on the crater floor, and probed the chemical composition of gases emitted there.

What is Dante robot?

Dante II is a unique walking robot that provides important insight into high-mobility robotic locomotion and remote robotic exploration. For more than five days the robot explored alone in the volcano crater using a combination of supervised autonomous control and teleoperated control.

Which among the following volcano crater does Dante II robot descends to get sample volcanic gases?

AN eight-legged robot named Dante is to descend into the smoldering crater of an Antarctic volcano soon in an attempt to reach a lava lake that long has remained out of the reach of human explorers.

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What happened to Dante the robot?

After arriv- ing at the heavily bouldered crater floor, the robot measured the gas composition of several large fumarole vents. While climbing out of the crater, Dante II lost stability on steep, muddy terrain, and fell on its side, ending its mission.

When was Dante the robot made?

Dante is a tethered walking robot capable of climb- ing steep slopes. In 1992 it was created at Carnegie Mellon University and deployed in Antarctica to explore an active volcano, Mount Erebus.

Who built the robot Dante what two volcanoes was Dante used to study and explore?

The legged robot Dante II explored and sampled the active volcano at Alaska’s Mt. Spurr in 1993. The legged robot Dante II, built by Carnegie Mellon University and sponsored by NASA, explored and sampled the active volcano at Alaska’s Mt. Spurr in 1993.

What do we call very small robots?

Microbotics (or microrobotics) is the field of miniature robotics, in particular mobile robots with characteristic dimensions less than 1 mm. The term can also be used for robots capable of handling micrometer size components.

Do scientists use robots to explore volcanoes?

Volcanoes offer a number of roadblocks to exploration: Face-melting heat, daunting terrain and deep crevices. But scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab have designed two wall-climbing robots that can descend into fissures in volcanoes to better understand how they erupt.

Why do scientists use robots to explore volcanoes?

Mapping out inactive fissures helps scientists understand how magma travels to the surface, and could help them figure out how eruptions occur.

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Who invented Dante II?

The CMU Field Robotics Center (FRC) developed Dante II, a tethered walking robot, which explored the Mt. Spurr (Aleutian Range, Alaska) volcano in July 1994. High-temperature, fumarole gas samples are prized by volcanic science, yet their sampling poses significant challenge.

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