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What Was The Name Of The Robot On Lost In Space?

The Robot Model B-9, also known simply as the Robot, is a fictional character in the television series Lost in Space.

Robot (Lost in Space)

The Robot with Jonathan Harris as Dr. Smith
Created by Robert Kinoshita
Portrayed by Bob May
Voiced by Dick Tufeld


Did the Lost in Space Robot have a name?

Known and addressed simply as “Robot”, his full designation was only occasionally mentioned on the show. Occasionally the Robot was addressed with the names of B-9 and the Robinson Robot. Other names for the Robot were Rodney and his creator, Robert Kinoshita, called him Blinky.

Was Robby the Robot in Lost in Space?

Robby the Robot appeared in two Lost in Space episodes, in “War of the Robots,” where Will finds and repairs him, and in “Condemned of Space” as a guard equipped with a freezing gun aboard the prison ship. Robby the Robot was created by Robert Kinoshita at the MGM Prop Department in 1955 for the movie Forbidden Planet.

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What is the robot’s name in Lost in Space Netflix?

But the concept itself is very similar to the classic episode “War of the Robots,” in which B-9 faces the Robot from Forbidden Planet; more commonly known as “ Robby the Robot.” Robby was designed by Robert Kinoshita, who also designed B-9 for Lost In Space.

Who plays Robot lost in space?

Dick Tufeld provided the voice of the robot as well as the opening narration “Last week, as you may recall..” Interestingly, the show’s most famous catchphrase, “Danger, Will Robinson!” — was actually only uttered once in the entire 83-episode series’ original run.

What robot said Danger Will Robinson?

If you remember the show, the Space Family Robinson had a robot named Robbie who would warn the family of impending danger. The young son (space cadet) was named Will and it seemed he was always in danger from alien beings or creepy-crawly space animals.

Who owns Robby the Robot now?

“He’s so beautifully thought out,” said Robby’s owner, Bill Malone, 70, of Studio City, Calif.

Where is Robie the robot?

His recreations are currently on display at the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle, Washington, and at the Metreon entertainment complex in San Francisco; other Robby replicas are on display in various venues.

What does Tobbie the robot do?

Tobbie the Robot is a clever and interactive little fellow who loves kids! He’ll use his IR sensor to detect your movement and follow your hand, another pet, or even another robot! In explore mode, Tobbie can avoid obstacles using his IR sensor and can find new routes to keep moving.

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Does Dr Smith get control of the robot?

Judy and Maureen make it back to the Robinsons’ ship, the Jupiter 2, but with some unwelcome interlopers: Dr. Smith and the Robot she now controls. Smith, who is running the show with her powerful Robot, reluctantly allows Maureen to do so.

Is the robot in Lost in Space Season 2?

Brian Steele as the Robot (season 2; recurring season 1), an alien robot being that Will encounters following the crash. The robot has a different form from the ones that appeared in the previous series and film.

What are some cool robot names?

Cool Robot Names

  • Scrap.
  • Sparkles.
  • Radion.
  • Bruno.
  • Bolt Head.
  • Sputnik.
  • Ash.
  • Ruin.

Why did will make the robot walk off the cliff?

Smith devises a scheme to gain control of Robot, which will serve as her defender. It’s an intricate long con that requires her to manipulate more than a few colonists, and forcing Will into a position where he orders Robot to walk off a cliff, for the safety of his family and the colonists.

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