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Who Does The Voice For Power Rangers Movie Robot? (Solved)

In the 2017 reboot film, Alpha 5 is a CGI character voiced by Bill Hader.

Alpha 5 (Power Rangers)

Alpha 5
Voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz Bill Hader (Power Rangers)
In-universe information
Species A.I
Affiliation Power Rangers


Who plays the robot in Power Rangers?

Bill Hader is ready to get robotic for the Power Rangers reboot. The Saturday Night Live alum will play the role of Alpha 5, the good guy robot who works with the sage-like Zordon and was first introduced on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show.

What are the Power Ranger robots called?

In the universe of the television series Power Rangers, Zords are colossal mechanical or bio-mechanical robots. When monsters grow to incredible sizes, the only way the Power Rangers can fight them is by summoning and piloting these enormous war machines.

Who did the voice of Lord Zedd?

Alpha’s programmed gender (male) was confirmed by Trini Kwan in “The Wanna-Be Ranger”, though it was confirmed several times before this.

Who is the voice of Alpha 5?

Definition. Joe Rovang defines a Zord as ” a giant fighting machine (a.k.a. colossal assault vehicle) featuring the use of humanoid combination, whether through gestalt technology featuring an aggregate humanoid robot, or the internal manning of a non-combining humanoid robot by a humanoid pilot”.

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What happened to titanus?

Durability: Titanus was shot in the neck by a blast from the Dragon Dagger and Power Sword but was unfazed and even the Hate Master’s eye blasts had no effect.

Who voiced Wizardmon?

Robert Axelrod is the English dub voice of Wizardmon in Digimon Adventure, and Akira Ishida is the Japanese voice.

Who played Zed in Power Rangers?

Robert Axelrod, who was famous for voicing Lord Zedd and Finster on the ’90s children’s TV series “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” has died, his agent announced on Twitter. Axelrod’s agent confirmed Axelrod had died Saturday in Los Angeles, California. He was 70 years old.

Who plays Robert Axelrod?

Bobby Axelrod has cashed out. Emmy winner Damian Lewis ended his five-season Billions run in the Showtime drama’s season finale on Sunday night. In the finale, Bobby went on the lam in Switzerland to escape the legal reach of Paul Giamatti’s State Attorney General Chuck Rhoades.

Who plays Ivan Ooze?

Paul Freeman starred as Martin Daniels in the series Yesterday’s Dreams in 1987. In 1988, he played Professor Moriarty in comedy film Without a Clue, which starred Michael Caine as Sherlock Holmes and Ben Kingsley as Watson. In 1995, he was cast as the villain Ivan Ooze in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

Was Alpha Sentai in super?

Super Sentai MegaZord Alpha – A class of robots used by Vaglass in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

What happened to Zordon and Alpha 5?

After the battle ends, Zordon, with the aid of his robot assistant, Alpha 5, creates a Command Center in the California desert outside the town of Angel Grove. He then creates the Power Morphers, the Power Coins and the Dinozords.

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