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Who Is Claudia Kincaid Mr Robot? (Solved)

Let’s talk about Angela, also known as Claudia Kincaid, the girl who ran away in to the museum in From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, a callback to the story of how she and Elliot ran away to the museum together as children.

Who is Claudia Kincaid?

Claudia Kincaid, 12, is the oldest of four children and the only girl, so she both sets the table and empties the dishwasher. She is a straight-A sixth grade student, a critic of English grammar, and a good planner, except about money, which she spends largely on sweets.

Does Elliot marry Angela?

He finds out that his parents never abused him as a child, and that Darlene does not exist. He returns to the city, where he encounters Angela’s parents, Emily and Phillip (the latter still being in Angela’s life), who reveal to him that Elliot is marrying Angela the following day.

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Why is Angel so important to Claudia?

Angel importance to Claudia was a sign that she had changed or grown throughout her stay at the museum. The importance of Angel is stated in the story were she discusses how she wants to go home a hero and stay a hero, not lose her “hero-ness” after a day or two.

Why does Claudia want to hug the statue What does she say is the reason What does this tell you about Claudia?

When Claudia sees the angel statue, she wants to hug it. Yeah, we think that’s a little weird, too. But it’s not because she likes touching marble. It’s just that she realizes that a whole new world of possibility and different-ness is now open to her.

What happened to Tyrell wellick blue light?

At the end of Mr Robot Season 4 Episode 4, its pretty much given that Tyrell Wellick goes off into the woods to die. He’s been shot and tells the others to go on without him.

Who is Elliot’s 3rd personality?

While Mr. Robot has gone meta in the past (see: Season 4 premiere credits fakeout), some fans believe the show is saving its biggest twist for the end, and will reveal that Elliot’s third personality is Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail.

What does whiterose’s machine do?

It activated the secret machine that Whiterose, the leader of the Dark Army hacker collective and the Deus Group secret society of 1 percenters, built beneath the nuclear power plant in Elliot’s home, Washington Township. It really is a device intended to access a parallel world, one brighter and better than our own.

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Why was Claudia crying so much?

After a false alarm of discovery, Claudia is devastated and cries. Now that she finally has the proof, Claudia cries because she is so overwhelmed. Mrs. Frankweiler says she will give them the documents in her will.

Why did Claudia feel that she needed to run away?

CH1: Why was Claudia running away? She thought there was a lot of injustice in her life from being the only girl and she was bored.

How did Claudia and Jamie return home?

Frankweiler makes a deal with them: If they find the file on the angel statue in her file collection, she will give them a ride home. They end up locating the file and solving the mystery of the statue’s maker, so they are then returned to their home and parents by Mrs. Frankweiler’s chaffeur.

Who do Jamie and Claudia discover is the true creator of Angel?

Jamie realizes he saw the same mark in a book when they were in the library. They go back to the library and find the answer: “The crushed-up mark on the dark blue velvet was Michelangelo’s stonemason mark.” Claudia and Jamie are convinced they’ve found proof that the statue is an authentic Michelangelo.

What was Mrs Frankweiler secret?

Frankweiler has one particularly big, honkin’ secret: whether or not the angel statue was carved by Michelangelo. Even though the museum officials are all clambering to find out the truth, she refuses to hand over the documents.

Why did Claudia pick Jamie?

Claudia chose Jamie to be her companion based on the fact that he had money and they became a “team.” Whom would you choose to take along on your trip that you wrote about?

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