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Who Is The New Robot In Lost In Space? (TOP 5 Tips)

The Robot Model B-9, also known simply as the Robot, is a fictional character in the television series Lost in Space.

Robot (Lost in Space)

The Robot with Jonathan Harris as Dr. Smith
Created by Robert Kinoshita
Portrayed by Bob May
Voiced by Dick Tufeld


Who is the Robot in Lost in Space Netflix?

The voice of Robot is actually that of Will Robinson actor Max Jenkins. That’s right: “Danger, Will Robinson” is actually being said by Will Robinson. 1

Is the Robot dead in Lost in Space?

Essentially, Lost in Space has a happy ending, and its greatest anti-hero, Dr. Smith, doesn’t die. Smith doesn’t get off scot-free or anything, but it’s easy to squint and imagine a future when she gets out of jail and starts mixing things up on Alpha Centauri. 2

What did Dr. Smith call the Robot on Lost in Space?

Smith even once called the Robot a ” tiresome thesaurus.” But as you will see, it was Dr. Smith who had an impressive vocabulary, from “Astigmatic Automaton” to “Preening Popinjay.”

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Does Dr Smith get control of the robot?

Judy and Maureen make it back to the Robinsons’ ship, the Jupiter 2, but with some unwelcome interlopers: Dr. Smith and the Robot she now controls. Smith, who is running the show with her powerful Robot, reluctantly allows Maureen to do so.

What robot said Danger Will Robinson?

If you remember the show, the Space Family Robinson had a robot named Robbie who would warn the family of impending danger. The young son (space cadet) was named Will and it seemed he was always in danger from alien beings or creepy-crawly space animals.

How old is Will Robinson from Lost in Space?

Will Robinson (Billy Mumy) – The youngest child. A precocious 9-year-old in the first season, he is a child prodigy in electronics and computer technology.

Why did will make the Robot walk off the cliff?

Smith devises a scheme to gain control of Robot, which will serve as her defender. It’s an intricate long con that requires her to manipulate more than a few colonists, and forcing Will into a position where he orders Robot to walk off a cliff, for the safety of his family and the colonists.

Why does the robot protect Will Robinson?

At first when seen, he is hostile, but over time he protects Will and helps him, primarily just because he is told to – he wants to help as repayment for Will saving his life.

Does Dr Smith get caught in Lost in Space?

Survival & Resurrecting Robot. June thought she could repair the Robot, but she couldn’t. During this time, Don West and some of the other survivors figured out that June was not the real Dr. Smith, and she was arrested.

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Who is June Harris in Lost in Space?

“Lost in Space” Severed (TV Episode 2019) – Parker Posey as June Harris, Dr. Smith – IMDb.

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