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Who Is The Robot In Craig Ferguson?

Geoff Peterson is an animatronic human skeleton that served as the sidekick on the late-night talk show The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He was voiced and operated by Josh Robert Thompson and first appeared on The Late Late Show on April 5, 2010.

Who is Jeff the robot?

Jeff is a gentle yet capable robot, so it is fitting that its actor is the subtly talented Caleb Landry Jones. Jones has been featured in a great variety of recent films, especially with breakout roles in X-Men: First Class and Nitram.

Where is Josh Robert Thompson now?

As of 2019 Josh is currently working on The Kelly Clarkson Show as the voice of ‘God’ aka Morgan Freeman when Kelly plays her games with her guests.

When did Craig Ferguson get Geoff?

When Craig took TLLS on the road to Las Vegas to record a special, he took Josh along to voice Goeff in a live setting. While there, Josh proposed the idea to Craig that he voice Geoff live on the show as well, and Craig agreed. The “Live Geoff” trial became a permanent position as of June 29, 2011.

Who is Josh Robert Thompson Family Guy?

“Family Guy” The Griffin Winter Games (TV Episode 2018) – Josh Robert Thompson as Morgan Freeman, Josh Robert Thompson – IMDb.

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Who does Morgan Freeman’s voice on Family Guy?

Phil LaMarr is the voice of Morgan Freeman in Family Guy.

Is Craig Ferguson married?

His final Daily Show episode aired on December 17, 1998, ending a 386-episode tenure. On January 11, 1999, Jon Stewart replaced Kilborn as host of The Daily Show. On Jon Stewart’s last Daily Show episode August 6, 2015, Kilborn made a cameo appearance as “Host Emeritus”.

Where does Craig Ferguson live?

NEW YORK — Stephen Colbert is replacing David Letterman as CBS’ late night host. CBS announced Thursday that “The Colbert Report” host will replace Letterman when he retires next year. Colbert is signed for five years.

Is The Late Late Show Cancelled?

`Late Late Show’ is cancelled.

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