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Who Won Robot Wars Series 10? (Best solution)

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v • d • e Series 10 competing robots
Champion Eruption
Runner-Up Carbide
Final Round 2 Behemoth • Nuts 2
Final Round 1 Magnetar • Rapid


Who won the most Robot Wars?

Razer was created in 1998, and is one of the most iconic returning robots from the previous Robot Wars series, with the most wins (41) of any robot to compete on the show.

Who won Robot Wars 2018?

Robot Wars has rounded off its latest series with new champions Eruption beating reigning champions Carbide to take the final trophy. The BBC series has awarded the Robot Wars Champion title to Michael and Adrian Oates, the father-son team behind the winning robot.

Who is the best battle bot?

Battlebots: 5 Of The Best Bots In The Competition (And 5 That Have Had A Bad Run)

  • 8 Best: Black Dragon.
  • 7 Bad Run: Bronco.
  • 6 Best: DeathRoll.
  • 5 Bad Run: DUCK!
  • 4 Best: Hydra.
  • 3 Bad Run: Breaker Box.
  • 2 Best: Witch Doctor.
  • 1 Bad Run: Monsoon.

Who beat tombstone in BattleBots 2019?

Brutus was counted out, giving Tombstone the win by KO at 59 seconds.

Who won BattleBots 2020?

Bite Force won on a unanimous 3-0 judges’ decision and was declared BattleBots champion.

Who won BattleBots 2015?

The final four teams competed in a head to head matchup of the Semi-finals and the Championship. The winners were; Tombstone (KO, 129 seconds) and Bite Force (KO, 104 seconds) with Bite Force (SD) winning the Championship.

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Why is Robot Wars Cancelled?

The BBC have axed the show from its line-up for 2018 in order to “make room for new shows” going forward, and the teams behind the show announced the cancellation online. The show, which was given a fresh lick of paint with new presenters Angela Scanlon and Dara O’Briain, failed to set ratings alight.

Has Bronco won the giant nut?

Bronco then lost a third tire from its opponent and could no longer move, leaving it motionless up against the screws. Bronco was counted out giving Witch Doctor the win by KO and the Giant Bolt trophy.

Is BattleBots 2020 Cancelled?

BattleBots: Cancelled; No Season Three But Science Channel to Air Episodes.

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