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Why Did The Robot Attack The Resolute? (Solution)

Periodic flashbacks reveal the Christmas Star was not a meteor but an alien craft. Its engine was used to build Resolute. The robot’s attack was an attempt to retrieve the stolen engine.

Why does the robot protect Will Robinson?

At first when seen, he is hostile, but over time he protects Will and helps him, primarily just because he is told to – he wants to help as repayment for Will saving his life.

Is the robot bad in Lost in Space?

And so does the introduction of a second robot in the show’s season 1 finale. The second robot is plain evil, relentless in its attempt to destroy the Robinsons. And the simplicity with which it’s treated feels strange, given the story’s insistence that Will’s robot is sentient and can change and learn.

What did the robot say in Lost in Space?

So, did Lost in Space say the solution to the robot “war” is simply to say “ all you need is love/trust.” 2

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Is SAR and scarecrow the same?

The first robot, which Will previously befriended, along with the SAR (Second Alien Robot) from the first series, were adapted and re-rigged to create Scarecrow.

Who is June Harris in Lost in Space?

“Lost in Space” Severed (TV Episode 2019) – Parker Posey as June Harris, Dr. Smith – IMDb.

Who plays Robot lost in space?

In reality, he just wanted to be more like his new hero, little Will Robinson. “Part of the original idea was that the Robot was going to bond with Will and he was going to transform his body so that he was a human approximation of Will Robinson,” Burk Sharpless says. 1

Why did Lost in Space get Cancelled?

CBS executives failed to offer any reasons why Lost in Space was cancelled. The most likely reason the show was cancelled was its increasingly high cost. The cost per episode had grown from $130,980 during the first season to $164,788 during the third season, and the actors’ salaries nearly doubled during that time.

Does Dr Smith get control of the Robot?

Judy and Maureen make it back to the Robinsons’ ship, the Jupiter 2, but with some unwelcome interlopers: Dr. Smith and the Robot she now controls. Smith, who is running the show with her powerful Robot, reluctantly allows Maureen to do so.

How many times did the robot say Danger Will Robinson?

Deadliest of the Species The Robot: Danger, Will Robinson! Despite its fame, this phrase only occurs once (in exactly this form) in the series, in the third-season episode “Deadliest of the Species” and it is not in the context of an urgent warning.

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Why did will make the robot walk off the cliff?

Smith devises a scheme to gain control of Robot, which will serve as her defender. It’s an intricate long con that requires her to manipulate more than a few colonists, and forcing Will into a position where he orders Robot to walk off a cliff, for the safety of his family and the colonists.

Is Earth destroyed in Lost in Space?

Sometime before the events of Impact, an asteroid struck the Earth and caused major devastation worldwide. It was later discovered that the “Christmas Star” was in fact an Alien Spacecraft. The Resolute was constructed around the Alien Spacecraft, and the captured robot Scarecrow was forced to operate the ship.

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