Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics

Getting to Würzburg

The nearest airports to Würzburg are Frankfurt (120 km, recommended), Nürnberg (100 km) and Munich (280 km). From there you can get to Würzburg directly by train.
Train timings and bookings:

Getting to the Venue

City Center to Conference Venue
Venue: Graduate School, [Directions to graduate school]
Bus 14: “Busbahnhof” or “Barbarossaplatz” to “Am Hubland”

City Center to Welcome Reception (02.09.2019 at 18:00 hrs)
Venue: Robotics Hall
Bus 14 (Direction- Destination Gerbrunn) : From “Bus Bahnhof” to “Mathematisches Institut”, 3-4 Minute walk to the Robotics Hall. [Map]

City Center to Conference Dinner (03.09.2019 at 17:30 hrs)
Venue: Floating on a boat on the river Main
Directions: coming soon